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Finding two people on the same page at the same time with the same feelings seems as impossible to me as finding a needle in a haystack. So when it DOES happen…I believe it’s purely magical, and meant to be.

)…then again, what single woman in her 30’s couldn’t?

and there was a life music and at some point a singer started to invite however would like to volunteer and sing along. I busted my *** cleaning the joint on Friday evening. Looked him up at Linked-in not remembering that it actually notifies people you've seen their profile. We were supposed to meet at a party and as he arrived a bit later, I was already a little bit tipsy.

I wanted to impress my date so I got up on stage but only once I grabbed the microphone I realized I don't remember the words of the song at all!!! Late Saturday evening I returned to our hovel with a lovely young lady on my arm. Then ran across a large field to pee so the guy couldn't see me. We then had a few drinks together and everything was fun and...

Which makes the awkward coffee dates and endless small talks over dinner completely worth it, because there is no frog in the world I wouldn’t endure an hour or two of misery with in order to finally, finally find my Prince Charming.

Now…that said…I have certainly seen my parade of frogs.

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First date: my car broke down so I was 30mins late Her dad made me explain why and what my plans were for his daughter I was sooo nervousness I farted)-: and it stunk. I got all dressed up in new jeans, a sparkly top (it was all about the sparkles back then! it was for a short bit, but he really sparkled my interest.

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