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Sam stood stock still, her eyes wide as she gaped at the unicorn -- which continued to walk forward, Albus speaking to nothing for a few moments: "And then, once one has reached the apex of the swingism, be certain, you shall need to forthwide the leftwang! "Listen, Samuel, if you don't know how to best disemberate enemies, you will one day be more fith than width! Once she was sure that he was entirely distracted, Sam glanced at the unicorn again.

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" Sam jerked her head back, her jaw clenching as she glared at the sky.

" Sam asked, trying to sound gruff as she walked to the side of his unicorn, helping her master onto the back of the beast with some shoving, grunting, groaning and sweating. The unicorn blew out a long suffering sigh -- his horn glinting as he copped forward, the magical bridle and bit that kept the unicorn under control glowing faintly in the morning sun.

Kurumu used to be like that, until one fortune day, when she met Tsukune and Moka, that all changed through Tsukune's saving her life from Inner Moka.

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"Why, we shall see when we get there," Sir Albus said, nodding, his helmet rattling slightly. Once Albus was no longer paying mind to anything but the sound of his own voice -- instructing Sam in the arts of swordslingery and questdom -- Sam glanced at the unicorn and thought to herself: .

The voice that spoke in her head was deep, masculine, and sounded rather annoyed with the world. " Sam said, her cheeks bright red, accentuating the freckles that spread underneath her green eyes. "P-Please, uh, continue." Sir Albus leaned back in his seat and continued to pontificate on the fine art of poleaxing.

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