Updating a colonial home exterior benefits of consolidating your student loans

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Updating a colonial home exterior

“The house was a dilapidated center hall Colonial with asbestos siding and a tiny garage that wasn’t really functional,” said Luke Olson, a senior project manager with GTM Architects in Bethesda.

“It was a small house for the neighborhood and had a very steep back yard, which made designing the expansion challenging.” The approval of the county’s historic preservation panel was needed for the remodeling, which enlarged a 2,300-square-foot house to about 6,500 square feet on four finished levels.

The most important things I’d be looking at doing if you don’t want to render the brickwork is to get rid of the colonial colours and update the gable detail.

Grey and black trim details work really well to modernise a brick home and it’s a technique I use often.

Sandy Spring Builders and GTM Architects collaborated on a plan for this home that would honor its history while also increasing the living space and incorporating a more modern style.

(John Mc Donnell/The Washington Post) When Debbie Berger Fox and her husband, Nick Fox, decided it was time to give up their glamorous London lifestyle to live in the Washington area, they discovered their ideal neighborhood was a throwback to an earlier America.

“The town of Somerset is like living in Mayberry in the 1950s,” said Debbie, a communications consultant for the Democratic National Committee.

“It’s a self-contained bubble with charming houses and suburban amenities like the swimming pool and tennis courts, yet you also get the urban ability to walk to the Friendship Heights Metro station and restaurants and shops.” Somerset, Md.

” Jane says: The main reason this home looks old fashioned is because of the colonial-style detailing, not so much because of the brick.

Remodeling an MCM home differs from remodeling just any old house though.

There are a number of differences to understand about MCM homes- characteristics that make them unique.

Remodeling a 1940s house to bring it into the 21st century can involve anything from budget-friendly cosmetic updates to high-priced renovations that basically gut the interior to start rebuilding from scratch.

Take a good look at your home and prioritize the items you'd like to change.

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