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Also Reed: Miranda Cosgrove and her net worth along with information on her Record Albums Miranda was once rumored to be dating James Maslow.Cosgrove and Maslow were speculated to be dating for a couple of years after Maslow guest starred on i Carly in September 2008. We've always known that the Big Time Rush guys are charmers, so we wanted to ask them their do's and don'ts when it comes to first dates, online dating and breakups."You should be a gentleman." Even though Carlos Pena Jr.Maslow is also a You Tuber now just go to You Tube and search James Maslow, on his channel you can see how successful he is after 2 years, his latest cover? Carlos Pena Jr or Carlos Pena Vega after getting married with Spy Kids star Alexa Vega, they decided to mesh their last names together and now go by Carlos and Alexa Pena Vega, right now Carlos acted in a movie titled Spare Parts released this January, also Carlos is the host for Nickelodeon's Webheads which is kind of a game show.Carlos is also a You Tuber and go check him out at Carlos Pena TV on You Tube now!Maslow has his You Tube channel, where he has uploaded numbers of cover, including collaboration with Cimorelli. "A 'do' for a first date, always pick up the girl," says James Maslow.

Moreover, in the same year, Maslow featured in the lead role in TV series “Big Time Rush” as James Diamond.

Their Nickelodeon romanced definitely seemed like a match made in heaven. Fans had also seriously started shipping “ Niranda ” when watching i Carly.

Kress and Cosgrove made headlines as this on screen pair shared their kiss on the show i Carly. And this comment that Cosgrove made in Girl’s Life Magazine really made everyone suspicious: “When I meet boys, I measure them only on a Nathan scale.” This statement did give air to their affair rumors but neither of them accepted or denied the allegations.

His other notable work in acting include James in “Figure It Out”, in Sequestered as Kevin Mohr, in See Dad Run as Rick Adams and much more.

Apart from acting, James Maslow is a member of the music group "Big Times Rush" and also has huge name and fame in the music industry.

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Even before BTR Schmidt had his own band of course he was the lead singer and the band was called Heffron Drive, after BTR (both tv shows and band) broke up Schmidt went on and kept on being a singer again for Heffron Drive after releasing their latest (only) album Happy Mistakes.

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