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Young christian dating stories

I often wonder how the courtship process works when the daughter/son is in college. I am wondering, though, what happens when a girl is committed to courtship, but the man interested in her has no idea what that is! I would like to know if Marissa was ever approached by “non-courtship” kinda guys and how she handled that.

Over a year ago I joined Christian Crush after hearing an ad about it on the Christian radio.

A couple of months later, I met the love of my life through Christian Crush.

We got married last year, and we both agree that we were created for each other.

However, just a few years ago, life for Audrey was very different.

“My single years were spent trying to find myself,” she says. I didn't have a desire to drink myself into oblivion but the attention of someone -- anyone -- was what I craved,” she says.

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